Capitalizing on the proven value of gender diversity, The Artemis Fund is the first female-focused fund in Houston, Texas. Artemis seeks to move the needle on female founders’ access to capital.

Founded by Stephanie Campbell, Diana Murakhovskaya, and Leslie Goldman, The Artemis Fund is privately held and invests in female-led startup companies.

Stephanie is the Managing Director of the Houston Angel Network, one of the most active angel networks in the country. She is also the Chair of Houston Exponential’s Early Stage Investment Committee. She holds an MBA from Rice University.

Leslie practiced as a corporate lawyer for over 25 years. She has built teams and recruited executives as a Managing Director at Major, Lindsey, and Africa. Leslie has invested in over 40 early-stage, high-growth companies, either directly or in syndicates and venture funds.

Diana is Co-Founder of the Monarq Incubator, which is the first national, funding focused incubator curated for gender diverse founding teams and women-led startups. She has fifteen years of experience in due diligence and financial modeling working in various roles on Wall Street.

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