Business Spotlight focuses on Swoovy who is a platform connecting people with non-profit volunteer activities. Swoovy started as a dating app where singles could search for like-minded prospective partners, and schedule their first date at a non-profit volunteer activity. The benefit of matching through Swoovy is getting to know someone while interacting in a group environment. No more awkward coffee dates with nothing to show for it; instead, you could spend an afternoon doing good in the community and maybe make a love connection!

Over the course of its first year, Swoovy received requests to enable the platform to allow couples to make volunteering plans together, and for friends to be able to schedule group activities. In addition, as Swoovy’s network of non-profit organizations grew, the need for most robust planning and organizing tools for scheduling volunteers on the part of the non-profit organizations became apparent.

As a result, Swoovy is currently building a non-profit dashboard to improve non-profit organizations’ abilities to track, engage, and manage volunteers and donors. The platform also will contain marketing templates to help the non-profits with their creative content. In addition, Swoovy expanded its platform to allow couples to schedule activities together and is fundraising to add “friends” scheduling capabilities. When complete, groups of friends such as work teams, sororities and fraternities, church groups, and social clubs can schedule volunteer activities together on the platform.

For more information about Swoovy contact CEO Brooke Waupsh via email.

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