Storytelling is a well-known device for building rapport with customers, highlighting a problem or issue and providing a solution they will want to buy. Modern day storytelling has shorter and shorter cycles as people evolve to manage access to so more and more data but with only a finite amount of time. Even filmmakers are experimenting with very short movies as a new medium, for today’s You Tube watching generation. Memes and emojis have become incredibly popular communication tools, because of their ability to effectively convey specifically nuanced meanings, rapidly. A quick read of a meme or a glance at an emoji and the reader understands exactly what the creator is trying to convey… most of the time.
Funny enough, there are now memes depicting teenagers showing a meme to their parents, and having the parents not understand the meme at all; this is hysterical to teenagers. Because this is a shared happening for teenagers, they “get” that meme, and it resonates with them. My daughter showed me just such a meme and I realized I had officially crossed that chasm- I was now the older generation and her generation was having to impatiently explain things to me. The truth is that the meme resonated with me as well – I could relate to her position as well as mine, and it was effective. The common elements here are shared experiences which make storytelling effective, whether the story is being told in a blog, a book, a movie or a meme; and delivery of the story in a way the audience can be fully activated. If my daughter had somehow stumbled across a paragraph talking about how annoying it is when you show your mom a meme and she asks if that is a person you know, there’s a chance she would have read it and a chance she would have shared it; but not nearly as great a chance as by seeing it through a meme.
Finding ways to effectively convey your story or your product’s story to the right audience is a true goal of marketing, branding, and sales. What is the story you want your customer to hear, and to believe? How do they receive this information? Is everything you are doing saying the same message, in a way that your target audience can “hear” it? Or are you sending a novel to a meme watcher?