Mi Padrino® is an event planning service to help parents and families organize, plan, and fund events celebrated in the Hispanic tradition. Mi Padrino helps people organize and share the details of their events with friends and family around the globe, instantly. Loved ones can be a part of the celebration no matter where they are in the world.

Kim Gamez, the CEO and founder of Mi Padrino®, saw a need for a more efficient solution for organizing Quinceañeras, Weddings, Baptisms, and more for the Hispanic community. As a mother of 5, Kim appreciates the complexity of coordinating all aspects of these time-honored traditions with families near and far.

From selecting a gown and other apparel to identifying and booking a venue, band, and caterers, to buying party favors and memorabilia, Mi Padrino is a one-stop-shop. In addition, the Mi Padrino platform allows friends and family to contribute financially to the celebration, which is a tradition in Hispanic culture. In fact, the name, Mi Padrino, come s from the Spanish name for a benefactor who helps pay for the event, a Padrino.

Mi Padrino® is a one of a kind solution to plan and share your special day. It is an easy event planning platform to simplify this age-old tradition.

For more information contact CEO Kim Gamez at www.mipadrino.com