In this week’s business spotlight, we focus on Materna Medical is a powerful leader in transforming women’s pelvic health. The company is the outcome of years of research and development which began at Stanford University’s Biodesign program and continues as part of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Silicon Valley.

Materna has one product commercially available since 2018, the second product in clinical trials, with more to come. The commercial product is Milli, a vaginal dilator used to resolve sensitive elasticity issues of the vaginal opening. Many women find themselves with reduced vaginal elasticity after radiation treatments or after menopause. Milli offers convenient and easy to use features to help with a gradual progression towards a woman’s vaginal expansion goals. The product is a revolution in women’s health, as its comfort and ease of use provide a solution for a private, difficult situation that many women are afraid to talk to their partners about.

Materna’s second product is currently in clinical trials funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) to confirm its intended effects of helping first-time moms achieve fewer pelvic muscle injuries and a shorter length of delivery during childbirth. While a woman’s cervix dilates naturally prior to delivery, the vaginal opening may not expand easily to accommodate the size of the baby. Materna Prep gradually expands the vaginal opening over the course of an hour. It’s like a yoga stretch for the vaginal opening, preventing rapid expansion which could increase damage during delivery.

For more information about Materna Medical, contact CEO Tracy MacNeal.