CaringBand is featuring on the Blue Catalyst Group Bussiness Spotlight and is a technology platform that empowers you to send love, thoughts, and encouragement often to anyone going through a difficult time or illness. CaringBand consists of a bracelet worn by the recipient, and an app through which friends and relatives send messages. The recipient’s bracelet can be configured to light up or vibrate each time a message is received. The recipient can then review the messages at any time. There is no expectation of returning the messages, which takes the pressure off the recipient. Friends and relatives can set up the app in advance to send messages automatically, at pre-determined intervals or randomly so that the recipient receives encouragement whenever the friends and family want to send it.

CaringBand allows the encouragement message to be a positive stimulus only, by separating the messaging from traditional text messages or emails. Those methods of communication setup an expectation of a response message and require the sender to try to come up with something to say. CaringBand solves this problem by having pre-set messages and by establishing one-way communication, so the recipient does not need to feel compelled to respond. It’s a special communication, sending no stress – only love, encouragement, and support.

As the COVID-19 pandemic isolates us, there has never been a more important time to safely connect with loved ones. With the CaringBand bracelet and app, encouraging thoughts can be shared in real-time.

For more information about CaringBand, contact CEO Charley Donaldson.