The global COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world upside down, with businesses closing or re-tooling to support the fight against the virus and people working from home, carefully braving their workplaces for essential jobs, and/or starting new jobs as the economy aligns with home delivery and production of needed medical and protective supplies. I’ve been asked how anyone considering changing careers can move forward in such turbulent times. And my response is as follows: there is still opportunity everywhere! It may be different than what you first expected; but in fact it may be much better, more meaningful to you and to the impact you can make on others. It’s time to get creative and continue to not take no for an answer, but instead say, ok, now what? What is the problem that best needs YOU to solve it?

What was your first reaction as the pandemic became real for our country? At my house, it was “batten down the hatches.” We exercised social distancing starting in early March and have been basically in self-imposed quarantine since March 20. With two immune-compromised individuals in our home, the risk of damage from the virus far outweighed the risk of looking like we were overreacting. We have slowly come into a new normal, and have settled into a routine. We can all work from home and are so grateful for the brave workers across the country who are focused on keeping necessities flowing to American homes and essential businesses.

As an angel investor, I had to re-evaluate my priorities, and where those funds could do the most help in the fight in which we now find ourselves engaged. Because make no mistake – this is a war, the likes of which we haven’t seen to this degree in our land in my lifetime. While 9/11 struck at our beating heart in NYC, this enemy is fighting us from every corner, across the entire land. I funded my commitments and put everything else on hold temporarily, waiting to see how companies would necessarily pivot or start fresh to attack some flank of this enemy’s army.

We all reach our pivot point at different times. Mine is now. As someone who can work from home, and help flatten the curve until our resources can catch up, I’m trying to do my part. Convinced I’ve done everything I can to fortify my household and positioned to now focus outward, the next steps are clear. Who needs help funding their COVID-19-related business? Who needs help retooling their operations to address a COVID-19-related concern? Which companies need help with positioning to make it through this tough period and emerge on the other side ready to compete? And who needs help re-imagining themselves so they can transition from their old job into a new one, after this fight? That’s who I’m here to serve and support. NOW is the time to prepare to launch when your opportunity appears. What is your calling in this fight?